Friday, 1 June 2012

Imagination Stations Project Inc. (Inspiring Natural Curiosity)

We are linking reading program with education and curriculum.   Also, using this opportunity to teach library use and information literacy skills. 

I plan to set up following Imagination stations. Project INC (Inspiring Natural Curiosity.)

Imagine the power has just gone out in your area.  There is a snow storm or a tornado.  Write a journal entry telling how you feel. What electrical items do you miss most?

Imagine "Whitewater Rosie" is based on a true story. If you were the reporter covering the story, what headline would you choose? What would your first sentence be?

Imagine  "Dark Tree" The author has given the tree human qualities to try to increase the suspense. Select a phrase from the story in which the tree is acting like a human. Try to illustrate it.

Imagine   "Then There Were Three" Think of the sounds you would hear throughout this story.  Create a sound poem using some of the words that come to mind.

Imagine a baseball game.  Write a conversation that might have taken place between two people who watched this baseball game.  They could be ticket holders, other players, sports writers, or people working the concession stands.

Imagine you have a animal friend. Explain Biodiversity.  Write a poem to show what you have learned about the muskox. Try arranging your words in the shape of a muskox to create a shape poem.

Imagine if you had a armadillo's nose.  Usually an armadillo's impressive armour gets all the attention, but its neat nose deserves a look, too. Why do you think its nose is important? Do dome research to find out.

Imagine you live in an Aboriginal village along the eastern cost. What kinds of daily activities would you be doing? Describe or draw the activities you would do in a day.

Imagine  about how you celebrate traditions with your family.  How is it the same as a powwow or a potlatch? How is it different? Write a paragraph describing the similarities and differences between the family celebrations.

Imagine if you were Columbus, write an entry in the ship's log that Columbus might have written on one of his voyages. What concerns might he have had? What were some of his experiences?

Imagine two pets that you would like to have. List reasons why each of those pets would be good for you and your family. List any possible problems, too.

Imagine you were the principal, in a group, write a set of five to eight playground safety rules for students in younger grades.

Imagine some ideas about how to earn money. With a partner, brainstorm three more ways to earn money. Then, talk about what you might do with the money you would earn.

Imagine you are a nutritionist, read and record the nutrition information on three different types of packaged or canned snack food items. Share your findings with a partner and discuss which if the foods you selected is the healthiest choice.

Imagine you are a hero of science, what do you think is one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time? Write a paragraph that you think will convince someone you are correct.

Imagine your friend is a Olympic medal winner,  a member of the Canadian Hall of Fame and the Indian Hall of Fame. Design a medal or trophy to honor his or her accomplishments.

Imagine climbing a mountain, passion for exploring mountains. Use words and pictures to describe what you would like to explore. (Animals, plants, soil, smell, sounds, etc.)

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